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Experience and the ability to observe what is (and sometimes is not) apparent sets WPI apart. From high-crime areas to the most posh neighborhoods, we have experience performing surveillance in all environments. Our promise to you is that whatever the situation, we are committed to your case and will perform to the highest standards we set for our firm.

Some requests for surveillance include cases of:

  • Insurance or Workman’s Compensation Fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Teen activities
  • Any activity requiring extensive, legal surveillance
Dating site customers who want peace of mind. When in doubt, check them out!

Are you a customer of a dating website, have met that special someone but before taking the next step, want to make sure this person is being completely honest with you? We offer services to clients specifically tailored to find the truth in what could eventually become the decision of a lifetime. Through intensive background investigations coupled with surveillance and other investigative methods as needed, we attempt to uncover what the reality is in any given situation. So when in doubt, have us check them out!

Process Server

WPI offers service of process in which we will serve legal documents in a timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on a specialized, boutique-style process service in which we work closely with the client to deliver the important documents while remaining in constant communication as to its status. Each service is unique and we consider all factors involved in order to taylor a service specific to the needs of our client.

Background Investigations/Pre-employment Screening

Whether you need information regarding a potential renter, employee or a personal relationship, WPI will obtain that information from the best sources available. Each request is different and will determine the amount of time spent on each case. We will obtain in-depth information from sources available to us. If a deeper, more thorough investigation is requested, we will personally visit government offices if needed and search records to obtain information not found in basic searches. We will also locate persons and conduct relevant interviews.

If a polygraph examination is requested, we can arrange that process with an experienced polygraph examiner. As with all of our investigations, at the conclusion you will be presented with an organized portfolio of our findings including any records obtained along with a thorough report.

Locate/Interview Persons

WPI will attempt to locate and interview potential witnesses involved in civil matters. A thorough report will be completed and provided to you detailing the content of the interview. As with all services we provide, an investigator will appear for testimony at depositions and other civil litigations when provided with a subpoena.

Personal Security

With training from the United States Secret Service and years of experience performing close, personal protection of executives, dignitaries, professional athletes and celebrities including clients in the movie industry, WPI can tailor our services to fit your needs.

Medical Billing Fraud

We have on staff an expert in medical billing. With years of billing experience, we can review suspicious billing practices, identify discrepancies and perform subsequent investigations utilizing all resources at our disposal.


Based upon years of investigative experience both on a state and federal level, Fred provides consulting services on a wide array of topics including general investigations, narcotics investigations, surveillance, probable cause, report writing, affidavit writing, search warrants, evidence procedures, toll analysis, wiretaps and security issues.

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